ConnectED’s annual fund campaign is our fundraising effort that raises ongoing support designated to the annual, operating budget. Each year, thousands of public school students participate in pathway academies across the nation, in communities where ConnectEd partners with local school districts – and this number is growing each year. All students deserve the right to a great education, yet under the current system, far too many are being left behind. At ConnectED, we believe the public education system can be changed to meet the needs of all students – and we’ve been working hard to make that a reality.

We invite you to join us in supporting our work. Thanks to individuals like you, we’re reaching more school districts, educators, students and community partners across the United States. That includes Paul, a senior in the Public Leadership Academy in Detroit. Before his first day, Paul had never experienced what it was like to be seen at school. He felt invisible. Paul didn’t understand the point of school and started getting into trouble. “I’ll be brutally honest, I was terrible,” he says. Paul’s now set to finish the business pathway and will be heading to college. “I simmered down a lot and opened up. I started thinking about what life would bring to me if I put my mind to it.” In the business program, Paul and his fellow students have learned about profit and loss statements, spreadsheets, and the mechanics of running small T-shirt and food concessions, branching out to other schools. Their teacher is a former businessman and investor. “He’s a smart dude,” Paul says. “He’s taught me a lot about business, how to be in the real world, and it’s no joke. If I mess up, he’ll make me throw something away and start over.” What started as a pilot to redesign nine school districts in California, has grown to impact the lives of students and communities in and beyond our home state. In our tenth year, we are proud to formally commit to expanding this opportunity to sites across the country as ConnectED: The National Center for College and Career. Today, we link arms with more than twenty communities, serving about 85,000 students in nearly 300 Linked Learning college and career pathways. In addition to the twelve communities we continue to support in California, we now serve schools in Boston, Chicago suburbs, Columbus, Detroit, Madison, New Orleans, Providence RI, and Rockford, IL. In January 2019, we will begin a long-term partnership with Portland, OR. What once seemed like an impossible dream—to build onto the architecture of public education and transform it to serve all students—is starting to become realized. Your support helps make this dream possible. When you donate to ConnectED, you are investing in the long-term, systems change work of making learning real, relevant, and equitable. Your philanthropic support allows us to bring the tools, expertise, and support to school districts who are ready to make transformational change for students and the wider community – today.