When you donate to ConnectED, you help bring real, relevant learning to students across the country, especially those students who have had the least access to quality learning and teaching. Please consider giving at whatever level you can. Building a comprehensive, sustainable, and equitable system of college and career begins with a basic orientation for key leaders and stakeholders that builds understanding of high quality college and career pathways and gauges interest and commitment. A decision to proceed then leads to undertaking eleven additional activities, briefly outlined below. Ideally, a community undertaking this approach should devote an initial year to planning, avoiding the temptation to rush to implementation. Typically, it will take four to five years to implement a fully developed system of high quality pathways demonstrating improved outcomes for high school graduates.

< $100,000   General Operating Support for a regional program
$100,000   Fund an Initial Scope of Work – Orientation, Asset Mapping, and Implementation Plan For a School District
$500,000   Bring Link Learning To a School District
$1,000,000   Build and Enhance Linked Learning For a School District