Implementing a cross-district system of high-quality college and career pathways requires across-the-board participation and support. ConnectED’s approach to pathway implementation recognizes and facilitates the interdependent connections between the levels of the education ecosystem: Community, District, Site, Pathway, and Classroom. The Graduate Profile provides a through line helping to align and clarify the outcomes across all levels. Quality criteria help to guide, assess, and develop practices at each level of the system that support the achievement of those outcomes. Working to achieve high-quality best practices across the system leads to shifts in how we educate and leads to increases in the number of students who graduate college and career ready.

ConnectED recently completed the revision of all of our Key Resources that outline the cross-system quality criteria that guide our work. This two-year endeavor began with interviewing leaders in districts that have successfully implemented Linked Learning/College and Career Pathways and identifying our own best practices that have supported and accelerated change in districts across the country over the years. We also worked to ensure that the resources were aligned and connected with each other to help communities that use them be able to seamlessly engage and collaborate across the levels of the system. We are now pleased to share this work with you. Check out our Overview of Resources to learn more about these offerings.