When clients partner with ConnectED, they can expect to benefit from both our expertise and our belief that in order to build a sustainable approach, we must address and learn from local context. The following distinguishing features are baked into our service delivery model. ConnectED is:

  • Collaborative. We work hand-in-hand to co-design, co-plan, and co-facilitate
  • Comprehensive. The only way to create a systemic approach is by offering support at the classroom, pathway/school, and district levels.
  • Customizable. Services can and should shift to best meet a client’s unique needs.
  • Evidence-based. With continuous improvement as a core value, we use artifacts and data to inform decisions.
  • High-touch. We’re there for our partners every step of the process, offering face-to-face consulting, coaching, and training.
  • Outcomes-based. All of our work is aligned to assure progress toward the identified learning outcomes.
  • Sustainable. Building leadership capacity, establishing systems, and routinizing practices help sustain these changes.
  • Technology-enhanced. Enhanced by rewindED [in development], and with Micro-Credentials, we provide digital supports for educator learning and reflection.