Exploring College, Career, and Community Options (ECCCO)

ECCCO is a 9th–12th grade curriculum resource for students designed to guide and help prepare them for success in getting into college, attaining the career of their choice, and productively interacting in their different communities. ECCCO is also a virtual teacher planning resource that provides access to college, career, and community readiness curriculum units, lessons, and performance tasks, which can be mapped out into a 9th–12th grade matrix.

ECCCO is specifically designed to help all students, regardless of background, build the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks for a successful transition beyond high school. It is designed to help teachers obtain a better understanding of what college, career, and community preparation entails; and what supports are available.

How should teachers engage with ECCCO?

Ideally, an ECCCO curriculum plan (ECCCO Plan) is organized by a team of pathway teachers at the point when they have cohorts of students, a set of pathway outcomes (or a district graduate profile), and a pathway program of study. As an individual teacher, you would use ECCCO as a curriculum and planning resource to help students become more college, career, and community ready within your classroom. Pathway Teams or individual teachers can:

  • review the ECCCO themes, units, and lesson plans
  • identify which areas to implement with students
  • download materials and use “as is” or make their own modifications
  • connect Day at Work videos with learning activities to help students explore careers
  • use the ECCCO Plan and Matrix in ConnectED Studios to build a customized ECCCO Plan
  • complete a Program of Study worksheet indicating which teachers and courses in the pathway would incorporate specific college, career, and community units
  • use the ECCCO resources to achieve the College and Career Readiness Classroom Framework quality standards and increase student and teacher capacity

Why might teachers want to design an ECCCO Plan within ConnectED Studios?

The value of using ConnectED Studios to design an ECCCO Plan becomes clear when teachers, or teacher teams, are committed to designing and implementing a continuum of college, career, and community learning experiences for students, rather than looking for an individual lesson plan or unit.  The ECCCO Plan allows teachers or teams to visualize how the units span multiple grade levels and themes, can help identify which teacher is implementing which units, and gives a “birds-eye” view of the work.  The ECCCO Plan helps teachers and teams answer the question of who is doing what, and when.  We believe that this approach can help teachers and teams move beyond a one-off approach and closer to a system of college, career, and community readiness.

Getting Started

To build a digital ECCCO Planlog into ConnectED Studios and explore the ECCCO resources in the instructional design section. Or, download the workbooks using the links at the top of this page. If you are interested in professional development around ECCCO, or need technical assistance, please contact us.