Make Potential Exponential

Most folks think the public education system can’t be changed—but ConnectED has been changing it.

Here’s how. Every day, we link arms with school, district, and community leaders to challenge the status quo so that all students, regardless of background, become more inspired and better equipped to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

With each partnership, we customize strategies that transform education, making what once seemed impossible, possible.

A Systemic, Sustainable Approach to Transforming Education

All students deserve the right to a great education.

Yet, today, almost a third of students nationwide leave high school without the skills necessary to succeed in college, participate in a 21st century workforce, or earn a family-supporting living. For low-income students the numbers are even worse. A Linked Learning approach to education can help change that.

When students love what they’re learning, they work harder, dream bigger and learn more. Compared to their peers, students in certified Linked Learning pathways:

  • Are more likely to stay in their school district through high school
  • Earn more credits in the first three years of high school and
  • Report greater confidence in their life and career skills

We help leaders and educators realize the vision of a systemic and sustainable approach to transforming high schools through Linked Learning Pathways.
Linked Learning pathways combine college-focused academics, real-world learning, and high-quality student support. To advance Linked Learning practice, ConnectED develops tools, supports demonstration projects, provides technical assistance, leads collaboration, and promotes policies that expand high-quality Linked Learning pathways.

Two students learning sound recording

Our Mission: ConnectED partners with school, district, and community leaders to transform education through Linked Learning pathways so that all students, especially those furthest from opportunity, are prepared to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

Our Vision: Across the nation, public schools that offer high-quality, relevant and rigorous education to all students, are the norm. All students graduate fully prepared for both college and career, with equal opportunities for reaching their full potential. Communities—including families, businesses and educators—come together to ensure that every student is valued, proficient, and successful.

Our Beliefs:

  1. All students should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their life circumstances.
  2. All students deserve a high-quality, relevant, and rigorous education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.
  3. Linked Learning engages students’ interests by providing real-world relevance, inspiring students to persist and excel in their education.
  4. Linked Learning closes the opportunity gaps that historically limited the success of underserved students including students of color and low-income students.
  5. To achieve long-lasting outcomes for students, Linked Learning must engage a broad community coalition in a shared vision for student success.
It’s Time to Redesign Schools to Meet the Needs of All Students

Many districts, schools, and career academies across the country are developing Linked Learning pathways as the strategy for transforming high schools. Yet implementing high-quality, equitable and accessible pathways in a school district or region is challenging because it often requires changes at every level of professional practice.

Two students installing a wheel

Based on our expertise and experience with Linked Learning design and implementation—including deep work with district leaders—ConnectED is uniquely positioned to support this work.

We support site and system leaders to engage in outcomes-focused, collaborative, and evidence-informed learning for continuous improvement. Through multi-year partnerships, ConnectED has helped district leaders to redesign their entire high school delivery systems.  We work in partnership to:

  • Assess needs and strengths
  • Build strong teams
  • Plan implementation
  • Design pathways
  • Design and deliver professional development, leadership coaching and consultation, and technical assistance.

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