ConnectED Studios is a one-stop online platform for Linked Learning in action! Designed to support ConnectED’s clients as they design and implement high quality pathways, Studios offers a suite of cutting-edge tools and resources for district, site, pathway, and classroom leaders. The platform allows ConnectED to provide a blended model of service, augmenting our in-person trainings and leadership development with a set of digital tools so we can stay connected to our clients over time and distance.

Anyone can register on ConnectED Studios as a guest, but use of the full platform requires approved access. It’s easy to set up an organizational account at any level for districts, counties, schools, or pathways. Inside Studios you can find instructional design features, robust toolkits, and pathway quality and continuous improvement tools.  In addition, Studios has student-facing capabilities which support the implementation of project and performance-based learning and student portfolios.  If you would like to learn more, email