This set of integrated, problem-based curriculum units was developed by ConnectED in partnership with the National Consortium on Health Science and Technical Education.



Summary of Curriculum Units – Health and Biomedical Science Program of Study Integrated Curriculum Units

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Do No Harm – Integrated Curriculum on Bioethics

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Communicable Diseases

Catch the Fever – Integrated Curriculum on Communicable Diseases

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Second Opinion – Integrated Curriculum Unit on Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Crime Scene Investigation – Integrated Curriculum on Forensics

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Health Insurance

Risky Business – Integrated Curriculum on Health Insurance

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Health Science Careers

Career Explorations – Integrated Curriculum Unit on Health Science Careers

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Global Health Summit – Integrated Curriculum on HIV/AIDS

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Nutrition and Health

Good Eats – Integrated Curriculum Unit on Nutrition and Health

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Tobacco and Smoking

Waiting to Inhale – Integrated Curriculum Unit on Tobacco and Smoking

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Workplace Injuries

Safety First – Integrated Curriculum Unit on Workplace Injuries

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