Why Coaching?

Throughout our work, we’ve seen the impact of coaching show up in powerful ways. A 2014 SRI evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative listed coaching as one of the essential external supports.

The SRI findings showed that coaching helped to:

  • Provide guidance tailored to a pathway’s specific needs
  • Provide technical assistance on specific implementation issues such as the development of integrated projects
  • Spread the foundational knowledge of Linked Learning
  • Help to get key leaders on board
  • Help district staff examine and confront traditional leadership structures and district practices that were barriers
  • Develop partnerships and engage a broad-based coalition of support
  • Increase networking opportunities within and across districts.

At ConnectED, we believe that experienced coaches can support school practitioners to foster productive school cultures, develop communities of practice, and facilitate in-depth implementation and continuous improvement of Linked Learning.  Using specific strategies, coaches help connect school teams with important resources, make the best use of local expertise, and problem solve around site challenges that may arise.

ConnectED provides access to experienced coaches by assigning someone from our team or supporting the development of someone on your team.  If you already have coaches in your district supporting the implementation of Linked Learning, providing them with ongoing professional development is key. This helps to ensure that coaches are highly attuned to your district’s needs and can effectively support practitioners by connecting them with the right Linked Learning resources at the right time.