Advancing College and Career Readiness
With the prospect of schools remaining closed for some time, ConnectED is committed to helping educators parents, and students stay focused on using the tenets and resources of Linked Learning to prepare for lasting success in college, career, and civic life. Keeping students engaged and connecting their learning to the outside world have never been more important. With our partners, we will be delivering key services remotely and curating useful resources.

College and Career Readiness Webinars
ConnectED has launched a webinar series designed to meet the immediate needs of educators and parents as shelter in place orders remain in effect.

Virtual Work-based Learning Webinar – Part 1
The first in the series is focused on having students do career research using our Day at Work video library and lesson plans from Exploring College, Career, and Community Options (ECCCO) curriculum. Both of these free resources help students explore their interests as well as potential jobs and careers, and that require a relatively “small lift” for educators and parents in terms of access to technology.
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Virtual Work-based Learning Webinar – Part 2
Providing students work-based learning experiences in industry can be very difficult, if not impossible, due to factors such as health and safety, age, security, proximity, time, and transportation cost. How might we provide students with an experience where they can interact with industry professions even when these factors get in the way? In this webinar we explore several ways to provide students work-based learning opportunities through online and other creative outlets. We also hear from practitioners in the field as they share promising practices as well as on-going challenges.
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Equitable Digital Teaching and Learning for College and Career Pathways Sheltering in Place
As we connect with our partners across the nation and learn what you are all facing in your specific contexts, we see patterns and possibilities emerging in the response to the Covid-19 crisis in college and career pathways environments specific to the ways pathways students, teachers, leaders and partners were already “doing school” differently before the outbreak. We share the most pressing challenges we’re tackling, promising practices we’re using to address these challenges, and the areas of greatest need for further support, problem-solving, and collective action.
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Supporting Career Technical Education in the Context of a College and Career Pathway
Career and Technical Education (CTE), in particular, has often used real-world application and promoted cross-curricular connections to engage students more deeply. It’s one thing to have students read assigned books or compute math problems at home, but how do educators deliver CTE content when so much of the curriculum requires a hands-on approach? In our fourth webinar, we explore this question and discuss the challenges of delivering quality CTE in this time of distance learning. We also hear innovative approaches from fellow practitioners.
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Meaningful and Engaging Digital Instruction using the Pathways Approach
Rigorous, college preparatory academics – done differently, through industry-integration and real-world application – are a core component of the college and career pathways learning experience. But what does it look like to “do” core academics differently in a digital space, at a safe distance from school, the workplace, and each other? We explore this question in our 5th webinar.
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ConnectED’s Virtual Career Exploration Webinars
Our focus for this webinar is to engage students providing them a unique opportunity to interact with an industry professional and participate in an optional Design Challenge.
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Virtual Career Exploration with a World-Renowned Ocean Photographer
Aaron Chang – is a world renown photographer, creator of modern surf photography, and ambassador of the arts. Aaron shares some of his work, addresses questions about the career, the skills needed, and provides a design challenge for students.


Virtual Career Exploration with a Film Producer
Courtney Quirin – Courtney is a director, cinematographer, story producer, and journalist. Courtney shares her experience producing a documentary about the Canadian Guardians who are protecting fisheries in remote parts of British Columbia. Courtney also provides insights into establishing relationships necessary to begin filming and the skillset needed to tell the story.


Virtual Career Exploration with a Propulsion Engineering Leader
Marques McCannon – Marques, President of Ricardo Inc, North America, has more than 25 years of auto industry product development, manufacturing, brand leadership, marketing experience, and software-based automotive product advancement. Marques shares about building a new management team focused on developing a cleaner mobility future while working with various client partners to achieve this goal.


Virtual Career Exploration with a Sports Photographer & Content Producer
Imad Bolotok – Imad is the Lead Club Photographer for Los Angeles Football Club. Imad shares the skills and specific job duties of a sports photographer as well as insight into how to stand out amongst the competition to land a dream job.


Virtual Career Exploration with Sign Manufacturing Leader
Teresa Young – Teresa is the President and CEO of Sign Biz, Inc. Teresa shares the various aspects of the sign manufacturing industry. Including planning, design, manufacturing, and installation. Teresa also shares some of the latest industry trends and how Sign Biz responded to COVID-19.


Explore Career Interests Virtually
Our Day at Work videos are an ideal way to provide fun and engaging career awareness/exploration activities for students.
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Virtual Work-based Learning Resources

Career Awareness Curriculum
Our Exploring College, Career, and Community Options (ECCCO) curriculum provides a comprehensive set of lesson plans and resources for educators.
Classroom sample lessons
Comprehensive career exploration workbooks