Experiential Site Visits (ESV) provide a unique opportunity to see pathways in action. They are usually two-day events, co-hosted with a partner district, that allow interested educators to observe and learn how districts develop and sustain systems of pathways, as well as what those pathways look like at the site level.


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Recent Experiential Site Visits:


The Power of Partnerships & Pathways (un) Conference 2024

Attendees at PoPPCon

Jan 30 & 31 and Feb 1, 2024

San Diego, CA

In collaboration with the IlluminatED Collective, alongside various educational institutions and business partners, San Diego proudly took the spotlight as the host city for PoPPCon 2024. While bearing some resemblance to the ConnectED Experiential Site Visits, PoPPCon distinguished itself by offering an extraordinary experience.

Attendees at PoPPCon including ConnectED staff

The event kicked off with a powerful student testimony delivered by Jose Bojorquez, a proud graduate of the Kearny Construction Technology Academy who now serves as the Senior Project Manager at McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Dr. Ashanti Hands, the esteemed President of San Diego Mesa College, graced the occasion as the keynote speaker.

With a spirited gathering of 125 participants, the event included an engaging scavenger hunt during a cruise around the stunning San Diego Bay, led by Port Commissioner Dan Malcom. As Commissioner Dan delivered a captivating narration, he highlighted the vast array of over 40,000 career opportunities linked to the Port. Attendees enthusiastically recorded these valuable insights along with the essential skills on their designated “scavenger hunt” sheets.

On the second day of PoPPCon, participants embarked on an exciting journey of their own choosing. They had the opportunity to select from a diverse range of six deep dive sessions, each taking them to different locations across San Diego County. These locations included Intuit, Taylor Guitars, Nipaquay Elementary STEAM Program, East Village Middle College, San Diego School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Coronado School of the Arts, as well as Kearny High and Health Science High and Middle College.

 PoPPCon group gathered on a boat at sea.As PoPPCon came to a close on the third day, districts engaged in thoughtful discussions centered around their specific challenges or “problems of practice.” Teams used this valuable time to strategize and plan their actions based on the insights gained during the event. The overall rating for the event stood at an impressive 4.4 on a five-point scale, reflecting the positive reception and inspiration it generated among attendees. One participant aptly expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Everything was great. I cannot wait to bring back all of the knowledge.”