Why Illustrative Mathematics ?

The Challenge
Math proficiency, in particular Algebra 1, is a primary gatekeeper for high school students. Academic outcomes in high school math correlate with education attainment, including high school graduation and college persistence. The research also shows that the greatest threat is for students who are furthest from opportunity – especially students of color, English Learners, and young people from low-income households.

Failing to pass Algebra 1 increases the likelihood that high school students will drop out, which in turn prevents students from matriculating in college. Furthermore, too many students leave high school without a strong foundation in basic mathematics – a foundation that is necessary for young people to succeed in STEM fields such as engineering and information technology.

A Systemic Response
In response, ConnectED developed new strategies for school districts to help more students master and advance successfully to higher levels of mathematics. Our services build the capacity of teachers to use the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum to help students succeed and strengthen the relevance and real-world application of mathematics.

Illustrative Mathematics integrates real-world applications of mathematics within the context of college and career pathways. The Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and aligned professional learning provide resources for educators, and support for students, that improve teaching and learning in math. Illustrative Mathematics is in the public domain and free for schools and districts across the country. However, its effectiveness in the classroom requires professional learning for educators – including support for English Learners and student engagement.

Together, ConnectED and district partners support schools to ensure high school students graduate with the knowledge and skills that they need to thrive in college, career, and life.

Our Illustrative Mathematics Services

ConnectED supplements the highly rated Illustrative Mathematics curriculum with professional learning services for mathematics teachers, coaches, and school leaders. We support school districts through digital tools, media resources, and formative assessments that enable teachers to share and assess student work as part of a community of practice to support instructional improvement.

At a Glance

  • Readiness Assessment: We conduct an asset-based readiness assessment to help school districts identify strengths and areas for growth to support system-wide implementation and sustainability.
  • Curriculum-Aligned Professional Learning: ConnectED provides professional learning services that build the capacity of teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders to effectively implement student-centered teaching in math.
  • Instructional Improvement: Our instructional improvement services ensure teachers, coaches, and school leaders develop formative practices that bolster instructional improvements in the classroom.
  • Blended and Personalized Professional Learning: ConnectED offers a suite of digital resources that help educators implement Illustrative Mathematics – including micro-credentials for teachers.

What Success Looks Like

ConnectED believes that Illustrative Mathematics will improve academic outcomes and educational attainment for all students – especially for students who are furthest from opportunity. When fully implemented, Illustrative Mathematics can help school districts achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve students’ mathematics proficiency.
  • Increase high school graduation rates.
  • Reduce college remediation rates in math for first-time college freshmen.
  • Improve college matriculation and persistence.

For more information, please contact Kiera Brodsky-Chase at kchase@connectednational.org