Behaviors of Learning and Teaching Continuum

The Behaviors of Learning and Teaching Continuum (BLT)  defines key characteristics of student and adult learning and teaching practice within Linked Learning pathways. It illustrates how these behaviors and actions might be observed both inside and beyond the classroom.

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Community of Practice Continuum

The Community of Practice Continuum describes pathway teacher team practices that produce high-quality, outcomes-aligned assessments and units of instruction, a collaborative and accountable pathway culture, equitable access, and high achievement for all students.

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College and Career Readiness: What Do We Mean?

ConnectED’s College and Career Framework provides a clear summary and synthesis of over two decades of research into what students should know and be able to do upon graduation for post-secondary success. This Framework is intended for use by teachers, schools, and districts, as well as researchers and policymakers, to help inform decisions around assessment, accountability, curriculum, instruction, professional development, program design and resource allocation.

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