Example of rewindED tool, a UI for tagging behavior over a video of students in the classroom with their teacher.

ConnectED’s newest digital workspace, rewindED, brings a set of customized methods and tools to our work with partners. Grounded in Lisa Jilk’s field tested Video Club methodology, rewindED enables teachers to have deep instructionally focused discussions. We developed rewindED to enhance our work supporting Illustrative Mathematics, but we believe this tool is impactful in all disciplines. Video Club, is a structured protocol developed to focus teachers’ conversations on mathematical pedagogy.

During rewindED Video Club, teachers watch a video clip of a lesson from one of the teachers in the club and observe a predetermined set of teacher and student interactions that we call “look-fors”. Following a structured protocol, discussions identify and focus on strengths.

demonstration of tagging in the rewindED tool. User is selecting that they noticed students interacting, other options are shown as well as a comment field.Building upon the Video Club protocol, rewindED provides a fully realized user interface for reviewing, tagging and commenting on interactions that exhibit these key “look fors”.

It serves as an important tool for sharing and documenting ideal behaviors in a strength based pedagogy [1]. The continued use of the tool creates a record of multiple instances of teachers’ noticing behaviors. The artifacts produced can be seen and re-seen, and the data aggregated for a systematized and comprehensive picture, supporting the method and its results.

ConnectED brings more than just its tools to its partner interactions. Creating a healthy and psychologically safe environment is necessary for success as any tool. When we work with our partners, we bring our tools and help to build the ecosystem in which they live and thrive.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with ConnectED in your school or district and about rewindED and the other custom approaches we bring to our work, reach out to us at info@connectednational.org.

  1. Jilk, L. M. (2016). Supporting teacher noticing of students’ mathematical strengths. Mathematics Teacher Educator, 4(2), 188-199. https://doi.org/10.5951/mathteaceduc.4.2.0188