ConnectED is pleased to announce that we have been written in as partners on several GSPP (Golden State Pathways Program) award winning grants! We look forward to helping our partners achieve their goals.

Have you been awarded a GSPP grant and now find yourself in need of targeted assistance to meet the grant goals? If so, we can help. We have extensive experience and a wide-range of beneficial services and resources.

Free Resources:


Implementing pathways requires coordination across multiple levels of the school system. Districts will need to coordinate with the community to ensure access to work-based learning and dual enrollment opportunities. Educators and school site leaders will benefit from working with the district to ensure the alignment of resources and goals. ConnectED provides Frameworks to help guide the work at all levels of the system. Frameworks allow teams to discuss common standards and then self-assess and set goals based on their unique needs.


ConnectED offers a wealth of videos in two categories:

  • Implementing Pathways: These videos give educators the opportunity to have a five minute window into how other districts have approached various aspects of College and Career Readiness implementation. They span a range of topics such as:
    • Student & Pathway Stories
    • Learning & Teaching
    • Work-Based Learning
  • Day at Work: College and Career Readiness pathways have industry themes. These themes help make education more relevant and engaging. The Day at Work videos give educators and students the opportunity to hear directly from real life people working in their pathway industry. This broadens understanding of the industry, awareness of what it takes to succeed in the field, and showcases the age, gender, and racial diversity of the workforce. All of which allows students to see themselves in various roles and better understand how to achieve their goals. Day at Work industries include:
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Biomedical & Health
    • Business & Finance
    • Engineering
    • IT & Design
    • Law & Public Service


Over the last 15 years, ConnectED has supported over 40 districts across the country to implement College and Career Readiness Pathways. This has allowed us to recognize patterns in implementation challenges and successes. Our library of webinars addresses common questions. Our webinars have the added benefit of being attended by practitioners across the country who share their experiences and best practices along with our own. Webinar topics include:

  • Creating the School and District Systems to Support Pathways Designs
  • Creating a Career and Technical Education Sequence aligned to Graduate Profile Skills
  • Integrating Academic and Career & Technical Education to Increase Relevance and Engagement
  • Integrating Academic, Career & Technical Education and Work Based Learning (WBL) into the Pathway Experience
  • Assessing Student Learning within College and Career Pathways

Fee-for-Service Supports:

Recommended Services for Consortium Development and Planning Grant Support:

  1. Needs and Capacity Readiness Assessments for districts who want to begin the planning of high quality pathways and want to assess their current state. This can be a comprehensive review, or a partial review focused on the following areas:
    • Partnership Assessment
    • District Systems Assessment
    • CTE (Career Technical Education) Review
    • Core Academic Review
    • WBL (Work-Based Learning) Review
    • Student Support Review
  2. Participation in Experiential Site Visits to see best practice. We have upcoming visits in rural New Mexico (fall 2024) and North Kansas City (March 2025).
  3. District Planning for college and career pathways which includes:
    • Creating a local graduate profile
    • Creating local district definitions for college and career pathways
    • Creating implementation goals, plan and metrics for college and career pathways
    • Determining career themes for pathways and programs of study for both core academics and CTE for each pathway (note these steps need to occur before any master scheduling occurs)
    • Self-assessment and action planning which includes specific supports
    • NOTE: This could be done as a multiday district retreat or through a series of meetings with a district college and career pathways team
  4. School based design institutes with Academy/Pathways Teams, which include:
    • Designing the student experience for initial implementation
    • Establishing academy team norms, ways of working, and agendas for meetings
    • Student recruitment and marketing support
    • Designing for belonging
    • Implementation plans
  5. Work-Based Learning System Design support, including:
    • Development of a Business Advisory Council
    • Development of Pathways Industry Councils
    • Mapping of workflows to get students, teachers, and businesses connected
  6. Master Schedule audits offering development support for college and career pathways, capacity building of staff, and ongoing support
  7. Instructional Assessment, Design, and Planning support to include:
    • Curricular and instruction landscape scans and analysis
    • Defining Pathways instructional vision
    • Developing a continuum of industry integration
    • Industry integrated curriculum design (including Project Based Learning planning workshops)
  8. Math Curriculum and planning support to include a curriculum audit and professional learning to design industry aligned supplemental tasks

Recommended Services for Implementation Grant Support:

  1. Developing and improving district systems of support
  2. Ongoing coaching and support to site leaders and Academy Teams (meeting planning, facilitation, support)
  3. Continuous improvement support using ConnectED frameworks to assist with goal setting and reflection on practice
  4. Facilities review and recommendations to support CTE integration and project based learning
  5. Curriculum/Instruction and Assessment support to revise and implement: curriculum, district instructional guidance and district assessment systems to support pathways and graduate profile implementation
  6. District 3-year planning for pathways implementation
  7. Instructional improvement projects focused on high quality implementation and pedagogy
  8. Industry aligned math task development utilizing Illustrative Mathematics

Customized Services:

Do you need support in an area that isn’t listed? ConnectED also provides customized supports based on your unique contexts and needs.

For more information on any of the listed services, Contact us.