Ben believes in designing systems to make public education work for all students.

He began his career in public education as a high school teacher in Northern California. In the classroom, Ben saw the impact high-quality college-and-career pathways had on at-risk youth. This experience solidified his belief in preparing students for college and career, and ignited a passion to help develop agency and more positive identities for those farthest away from opportunity. After seven years in the classroom, Ben moved into a coaching role where, supporting district-level development and improvement of college and career pathways. From there, he was recruited to serve with ConnectED, a national education non-profit. Today, he works as associate director on ConnectED’s Digital Learning and Media team, with a mandate to develop ConnectED Studios to scale services to practitioners in the Linked Learning field and enhance service delivery. He specializes in building capacity around the quality implementation of Linked Learning pathways.

When he’s not busy innovating, evolving, and scaling better education systems, Ben spends time enjoying fatherhood, surfing, reading, and playing bass. You can also find him exploring Berkeley’s bomb food scene.