Rocío Weiss is a longtime educator and school leader based in San Diego.  Recently retired from the San Diego Unified School District, Rocio devoted her career to transforming the learning experiences of students residing in underserved communities.  In her role as school leader, she facilitated the design and implementation process of several career-themed academies within a large comprehensive high school, and led small themed schools located in larger educational complexes.  Her work is grounded in the belief that as educators and adult learning facilitators, we need to be responsive to the rapid changes taking place in the world of work, and ensure that systems are in place to prepare young people to thrive.  

Rocio began her career as an English language teacher working primarily with linguistically gifted high school students.  She later transitioned to school leadership at the high school level.  For the last six years, Rocío has been teaching foundational courses in the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University and leading a cohort of teacher candidates focused on project-based learning and career preparation for secondary students.

 She holds degrees in linguistics, multicultural studies, and school administration and earned a doctorate in K – 12 educational leadership.  Her dissertation research focused on systems and leadership behaviors that lead to transformative learning experiences for secondary school students.  When Rocío is not working, she is cooking, hiking, biking, and trying to learn how to knit.