Turn Experience into Action at the Upcoming North Kansas City Experiential Site Visit!


What inspires educators and leaders to think differently about high school?

We believe, as do our partners, experiencing the College and Career Pathways approach in action, is deeply inspirational in driving educator learning and innovation.  On March 28-30, 2023 North Kansas City Schools’ Pathways, in partnership with ConnectED, are opening their doors to educators across the country who are interested in learning more about how to effectively design and implement a systems-based approach to college and career pathways.  Participants in an Experiential Site Visit often take what they see and apply it to their own context, creating systems of college and career pathways that meet their local students’ needs.

For instance, our partners in New Mexico, who attended several Experiential Site Visits, now want to ensure as they do their pathway work they are building out the academy structure based on what they saw at Claremont in San Diego. They want their instruction to be project based, as they saw at Kearny High School, and they want it all to lead to senior exhibitions and student defenses of learning like they experienced at Granite Hills in Porterville, California.

The North Kansas City School District has a great deal to share with us, as they have deftly implemented college and career pathways across several layers of their community.  This has enabled them to make extraordinary progress in their work, and as an attendee of the Experiential Site Visit will get to see the results of their efforts first hand.  Here are just a few areas of work that will be highlighted during the visit:

  • How to build and foster  an engaged and effective District Leadership Team
  • How to design A Portrait of a Graduate (also known as a graduate profile) and aligning  it is curriculum and instruction to ensure students gain the skills needed to be successful in college, career and life.
  • How to develop the Broad-based Coalition of business, industry and community partners to support a comprehensive system of work-based learning, where every high school participates. 
  • How to design and foster  the district conditions team structures, organization, and roles and responsibilities  to support the implementation of high-quality college and career pathways. 

We encourage interested districts to bring a team of individuals. To learn more about the upcoming experiential site visit and to register your team please click on this link North Kansas City Experiential Site Visit March 28 – 30, 2023

Also, check out the North Kansas City ESV Flyer!

For questions, additional information,  or assistance, please contact Michelle at mberrios@connectednational.org